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Mumbai's Party Police

Episode 5 Mumbai's Party Police



In Mumbai, a zealous police chief has declared war on nightlife. Armed with a hockey stick, assistant commissioner Vasant Dhoble has become notorious for his raids on clubs and bars. Reporter Jenny Kleeman hears from one young shop assistant who saved up for a night out, only to be arrested with her friends, strip-searched, accused of prostitution and held for weeks before being released, her reputation ruined.

The wider story is a snapshot of a 1960s moment in India as a young, affluent class seeks freedoms that clash with traditional values. Says one Dhoble supporter flatly, “Nightlife is destroying society.”


Reporter Jenny Kleeman and director Alex Nott travel to Mumbai to investigate claims that young clubbers are being arrested, assaulted and accused of being prostitutes in a police crackdown on the Indian city's nightlife. The programme asks why an officer dubbed Inspector Killjoy is enforcing long-forgotten laws, and how being caught up in the raids can change women's lives.