The Silent and the Damned - Part One

Series 1 - Episode 3 The Silent and the Damned - Part One



The drama picks up two months after Javier Falcón’s discovery of his own family’s appalling secrets, and he’s still smarting. While we gawp at the Seville scenery – and struggle to accept Robert Lindsay, Kenneth Cranham, Bill Paterson, Henry Goodman and Emilia Fox as Spaniards – this adaptation of Robert Wilson’s book The Silent and the Damned gives Falcón two grisly murders to solve. One involves a tongue being hacked out. It’s a delirious watch.


Part one of two. The Chief Inspector investigates a number of suicides among Seville's city high-flyers. Doubting the authenticity of the evidence, Falcon finds his life in danger when he discovers the dark secrets and lies that have played a part in the deaths. Crime drama, starring Marton Csokas and Emilia Fox.