Young Apprentice

Kids' Club

Series 3 - Episode 5 Kids' Club



The titanium confidence of the youngsters shows no sign of denting. They’re like relentless bluffing machines. In the boardroom, under heavy fire, one of the more arrogant candidates’ eyes start to well with tears and suddenly we’re reminded that after all, he’s just a kid, practically. Stop being so mean, Lord Sugar. They’ve only just done their GCSEs.

Sugar’s rollocking would be understandable if he hadn’t given them such a swine of a task: devise a themed kids’ club. Not a nightclub, you understand, but an activity club for small children — an age group that (we know from previous years) teenagers just don’t get.

Not to worry, they’ll do some “market research”, which means having a couple of conversations with punters and using them to back up what you thought before. It’s a recipe for what Sugar calls “the biggest disaster we’ve had”.


Alan Sugar sends the teenage entrepreneurs back to school, challenging them to come up with new ideas for kids' clubs, a potentially lucrative business that can be rolled out across the country through the sale of licences. Odyssey hope their space-themed concept, filled with explosions and alien goo, will be a success, but they have problems when it comes to their pitch. Meanwhile, Platinum's active art class proves a hit with the youngsters, but paint-splattered floors, walls and children have the potential buyers looking on in horror.