Spice Trip

Series 1 - Episode 2



Enthusiastic young foodies Emma Grazette and Stevie Parle are like the ultimate backpackers, clanking down alleys with their cooking equipment strapped to their rucksacks. This week they’re on the hunt for cloves in Stone Town, Zanzibar, getting stuck in with local chefs, trying to climb trees to pick clove buds, and preparing a few dishes themselves: ever thought of adding oxtail and vegetables to your mulled wine? Someone has to invent proper smell-o-vision for TV.

It’s not all colour and vibrancy: they also learn about Zanzibar’s dark past as a centre of the slave trade, which Emma finds particularly distressing, but Stevie’s there with a shoulder to cry on.


Award-winning chef Stevie Parle and professional spice blender Emma Grazette travel to Zanzibar, off the east coast of Africa - one of the world's leading producers of cloves. They rediscover a spice that is one of the most popular in the kitchen cupboard, but is often misunderstood. On the settlement of Pemba, the pair find plantation workers who, working 40ft in the air in the company of fierce, biting ants, harvest the dried tree buds from which the clove derives. The presenters also make a mulled-wine oxtail stew, orange, clove and polenta cake, and grilled fish with hot fruit salsa.