The Father-in-Law

Series 3 - Episode 4 The Father-in-Law



Becky and Steve’s flat has been burgled although — as her dad jokes — it’s quite hard to tell. The latter proves even more badly behaved than his daughters, smarmily chatting up Shelley while Becky fumes and her mousey mum looks on dolefully. It’s another beautifully scripted, superbly acted episode: awkward as a Harold Pinter play and as hilariously crude as The Inbetweeners. Most excruciating of all is a scene in which we finally see Becky’s domineering sister and her under-the-thumb fiancé alone. Be warned: it culminates in a kiss that will put you off your supper.


Steve and Becky are burgled and, while they tidy up, Nigel is asked a big question by his daughter's partner. Russell Tovey and Ralph Brown star in the comedy drama.

Cast & Crew

Steve Russell Tovey
Becky Sarah Solemani
Paul Ricky Champ
Shelly Camille Coduri
Laura Kerry Howard
Dan Joe Wilkinson
Darren Josef Altin
Nigel Ralph Brown
Director Richard Laxton
Producer Kenton Allen
Writer Stefan Golaszewski
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