Return to Forgotten Britain

Return to Forgotten Britain

Episode 2



We could do with a little more update and a little less recap in Feargal Keane’s return to the places he visited in 1999. But it still makes a fascinating journey through parts of Britain that were passed by in the late-90s boom and are now battling — or limping — through recession.

This week, Keane is in the shipyards of Govan in Glasgow, where sometime welder John is devastatingly eloquent on how unemployment eats away at your personality. Keane also returns to Leeds and meets Shane, who was a boy of ten kicking a ball around in the last programme. Now he’s 22...and a father of four.


Part two of two. Fergal Keane returns to Glasgow, where he is reunited with Govan welder John Brown, who fought to save his shipyard from closure 12 years ago and finds its future is once again in doubt. Fergal also goes back to the Lincoln Green area of Leeds, where he catches up with the family of Liz Craig - who has died since the original series went out. The area has benefited from extensive regeneration, but have the fortunes of Liz's grandson Shane changed with it?