The Hour

Series 2 - Episode 3



Christmas is coming and there are paper chains dangling from The Hour’s office walls. But no one is feeling very festive, particularly Hector, who is drunk and maudlin after the travails of the previous episode. The nightclub singer who accused him of beating her up is missing and Hector’s long-suffering wife, who has become, of all things, a TV chef, makes him fry his own eggs for breakfast.

It’s another leisurely episode of a drama that is so deeply in love with its own image it might just as well draw hearts on the screen and order itself a bunch of flowers. I think the problem is that The Hour looks so gorgeous (and really, it does, its production is lushly beautiful), but it’s all a bit stolid and perfunctory underneath.

There are good things about it, though — Peter Capaldi, Anna Chancellor and Tom Burke, never around long enough as a suave ITV news boss.


It's Christmas at Lime Grove and also a time for much soul-searching within the team. Kiki has gone missing and Hector's self-destructive behaviour escalates. leaving Bel and Freddie to search for the truth about what happened to the showgirl. Meanwhile, Randall tells Lix the real reason for his return - but is she willing to dredge up the painful past?