Beryl - A Love Story on Two Wheels

Beryl - A Love Story on Two Wheels


To my mind Maxine Peake is an actress who can do no wrong. How will she fare as a writer? In this, her first attempt at penning her own work, she has crafted an intriguing take on a regular love story.

It’s a drama about the true-life romance of the astonishingly successful working-class cyclist Beryl Burton and her mechanic husband, Charlie, that also uses the recollections of a now 80-something Charlie and his daughter, Denise Burton-Cole.

As well as handling the writing duties, Peake also stars as Beryl in scenes recorded on bicycles in locations around Yorkshire.


Drama written by and starring Maxine Peake. The story of Beryl Burton, a working-class woman from Morley in Leeds who combined farm work with global success in cycling throughout the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Featuring contributions by Beryl's husband Charlie, who was also her mechanic, and daughter Denise Burton-Cole. With Mark Jordon and Tony Pitts. First aired in 2012.

Cast & Crew

Beryl Burton Maxine Peake
Charlie Burton Mark Jordon
Stan Tony Pitts
Young Beryl/Angela Sydney Wade
Young Denise Sophie Downham
Mike McNamara/Nim Carlin John Hollingworth
Actor Charlie Burton
Actor Denise Burton-Cole
Director Justine Potter
Producer Justine Potter
Writer Maxine Peake
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