Last Tango in Halifax

Last Tango in Halifax

Series 1 - Episode 2



Anne Reid as newly betrothed Celia has such a quiet-killer way of delivering a line; when her spineless twerp of a son-in-law gleefully explains the torrid sexual relationships in his latest book she fells him with, “Oh well, there we go.” She might as well have shot him with a bow and arrow. Celia later explains to her fiancé, Alan: “He writes novels… they’re nowt.”

As Sally Wainwright’s flinty romantic drama picks up pace, Celia and Alan (Derek Jacobi), reunited after 60 years, are planning an engagement party. Their respective families are still angry and baffled that the pair so suddenly decided to marry. Celia’s unhappy daughter, who recently dabbled with lesbianism and who even more recently took back into her home the adulterous, novel-writing spineless twerp (the brilliant Tony Gardner), is particularly furious. But Celia and Alan don’t care, they are too busy buying a sports car.


Celia and Alan continue their unconventional romance by buying an expensive convertible car instead of an engagement ring. But they do throw a party, where they reveal the reason they never got together 60 years earlier - and who it was that stood in their way. Michael Dobson tries to blackmail Caroline over her relationship with Kate, and although she easily gets rid of him, it's clear she is uneasy about anyone finding out the truth. Meanwhile, Gillian is worried Raff will discover how his father died from Robbie - so decides to make a confession. Sally Wainwright's light-hearted drama, starring Derek Jacobi, Anne Reid, Sarah Lancashire and Nicola Walker.

Cast & Crew

Alan Derek Jacobi
Celia Anne Reid
Caroline Sarah Lancashire
Gillian Nicola Walker
Raff Josh Bolt
John Tony Gardner
William Edward Ashley
Lawrence Louis Greatorex
Kate Nina Sosanya
Robbie Dean Andrews
Paul Sacha Dhawan
Judith Ronni Ancona
Michael Matt Stokoe
Beverley Meriel Scholfield
Salesman Danny Cunningham
Director Euros Lyn
Producer Karen Lewis
Writer Sally Wainwright
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