Imagine: How Music Makes Us Feel

Episode 4 Imagine: How Music Makes Us Feel



There’s a fascinating scene in this film about our emotional response to music where a musicologist analyses the workings of Adele’s Someone like You, Albinoni’s Adagio and a Schubert piece. Suspensions (fleeting discords that resolve) are like sobs, which is why they are so emotive, our professor explains, and his analysis is more convincing and insightful than, sadly, great stretches of the programme where we hear from, say, Emeli Sandé or Laurie Anderson – interesting as they are.


Alan Yentob investigates the emotional power of music, an art form that people turn to when words are not enough, at funerals and weddings, at times of heartbreak or great euphoria. He talks to singers and composers as varied as chart star Emeli Sande, opera diva Jessye Norman, dub-step artist Mala and classical maestro George Benjamin to find out how music makes people feel and why, as well as a vicar, a psychologist, an ad man and even the people who choose the songs to play in shopping centres. Along the way he sees babies dance to a rhythm and elderly people brought out of their silence by a melody.
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