The Life of Adolf Hitler

The Life of Adolf Hitler

Series 1



The final part of this chilling series opens in 1941. Hitler and his generals were on the crest of a wave. After a series of military triumphs many Germans considered their Führer almost superhuman. At the height of his power, he decided on his boldest stroke yet: to invade the Soviet Union. The programme recounts how there was euphoria as Nazi forces thundered eastwards.

Then the reverses began, and for the first time the gap between Hitler’s promises and his achievements began to open up. How that psychology worked, and what happened when it failed, makes for a grimly fascinating programme.


Laurence Rees examines how Hitler tried to maintain his popular appeal in his final years, as his bond with the German people was tested as never before during the Second World War. He had led the army into a series of victories, but as the conflict progressed, the successes stopped coming. The citizens' faith in their fuehrer became fractured, yet he still managed to cling to power until the Red Army was just yards away from his bunker in Berlin.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Laurence Rees
Producer Laurence Rees