Welcome to Bushwick

Series 1 - Episode 7 Welcome to Bushwick



Tonight a girls’ night out goes gloriously awry. Hannah glimpses her sort-of boyfriend dancing with another girl at a warehouse party, and does what any empowered young woman would: she hides behind a pillar and spies on him.

Meanwhile, Marnie reacts equally maturely when she sees her ex with
a new flame, and Shoshanna finally manages to talk to a man, although
it takes more than dutch courage to loosen her tongue. Yet another finely wrought episode from this deservedly acclaimed comedy.


The girls attend a huge warehouse party in Bushwick, leading Hannah to discover a surprising secret about Adam when she meets him outside of his apartment for the first time. Meanwhile, Marnie is distraught when she sees her ex with a new flame, and Shoshanna unwittingly smokes crack cocaine. Comedy, starring Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Zosia Mamet and Jemima Kirke.

Cast & Crew

Hannah Horvath Lena Dunham
Marnie Michaels Allison Williams
Shoshanna Zosia Mamet
Jessa Johansson Jemima Kirke
Adam Sackler Adam Driver
Charlie Christopher Abbott
Ray Ploshansky Alex Karpovsky
Jeff James LeGros
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Drama Comedy