Series 5 - Episode 11 Sunset



The councillors turn against each other as the vision of Lilith sows seeds of discord among the Authority, and Bill slips further into religious fanaticism when the ancient creature describes him as the chosen one. Meanwhile, Russell's quest to walk in the daylight takes him to the fairy burlesque club, where only Jason and a shotgun stand between the former vampire king and the Elder. Supernatural drama, starring Stephen Moyer.

Cast & Crew

Bill Compton Stephen Moyer
Sookie Stackhouse Anna Paquin
Sam Merlotte Sam Trammell
Jason Stackhouse Ryan Kwanten
Tara Thornton Rutina Wesley
Eric Northman Alexander Skarsgard
Jessica Hamby Deborah Ann Woll
Pam De Beaufort Kristin Bauer Van Straten
Russell Edgington Denis O'Hare
Nora Gainesborough Lucy Griffiths
Salome Agrippa Valentina Cervi
Steve Newlin Michael McMillian
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