Goodnight Britain

Goodnight Britain

Series 1 - Episode 1



According to Shakespeare, sleep “knits up the ravell’d sleave of care”, and you can see what he meant as we follow five unfortunates whose lives are blighted by sleep disorders.

Kathryn wakes up screaming then, babbling gibberish, bursts into the bedroom of her frightened flatmate. Paul’s snoring leads to exile on the sofa. Chronic insomniac Gwen roams her bedroom in wakeful misery, while Sheila happily potters in her kitchen, baking cupcakes at 3am.

Mercifully, they can be helped. While this is gimmicky – Dr Kirstie Anderson and Dr Jason Ellis observe from a “Sleepmobile” – it’s also moving.


Sian Williams presents the first of two programmes tackling extreme sleep disorders, as people across the country struggle with extraordinary bedtime behaviour - from loud snorers and those who suffer night terrors to insomniacs who simply give up and end up baking all night. To investigate these and other problems, five volunteers move into a specially monitored house, where experts Dr Kirstie Anderson and Dr Jason Ellis watch every toss, turn and snuffle as they snooze - or not, as the case may be. Only then do the causes of their night-time traumas come to light and a treatment plan for each patient can be devised.