Supersized Earth

The Way We Move

Series 1 - Episode 2 The Way We Move



The beauty of this series is that it makes no pretence to do anything other than marvel at things. Dallas Campbell is not about to agonise over whether the transport revolutions of the past 40 years have been a good thing or not. He simply offers up stunning thoughts, such as the fact that at any moment there are one million people around the world in aeroplanes, or that the planet is now home to more than a billion motor vehicles.

The best bits are where he shows us engineering at extremes, such as a very high, rickety walkway on the Yangtse River suspension bridge under construction in China, and an extremely big plane for transporting other planes.


Dallas Campbell moves on to transport as he continues his investigation into engineering innovations over recent decades. He takes a treacherous walk along what will be one of the longest suspension bridges in the world, rides in a robot car and sees how far aeroplanes have advanced by flying a replica of the Wright brothers' glider from 1902. Along the way he discovers how to transport an object the size of Buckingham Palace halfway around the world and the advances in technology that have now made it possible to build a permanent house in space.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Dallas Campbell
Director Rob Liddell
Executive Producer Helen Thomas
Producer Rob Liddell
Series Producer Simon Finch