Sixteen Candles

Series 27 - Episode 13 Sixteen Candles



It’s just as well that none of the staff at Holby City Hospital feel the need to restrict themselves to simple medical treatment for their patients. After all, without their interference, how else would bickering families be reconciled and estranged couples reunited?

Their main case tonight involves a mum lamping an intruder with a handy saucepan. Not as straightforward as that sounds because the daughter has recently had a kidney transplant, the dad’s hiding something and the police have to be involved. Luckily Tess, who treated the dad 20 years earlier, gets involved. Big Mac’s not immune, either – he pokes his not inconsiderable nose into a patient’s decision not to accept a surprise inheritance.


A teenage girl's birthday celebrations are brought to an abrupt end when her mother stumbles upon an intruder, and the ensuing scuffle leaves her badly burnt and him unconscious. When the family members arrive at the hospital, they discover a secret about the mystery man that threatens to tear them all apart. Elsewhere, an heir hunter tracks down a woman who has become the recipient of her hated aunt's large fortune - but the news causes her to collapse and have to be rushed to the ED.
Drama Soap