Is There Honey Still for Tea?

Series 8 - Episode 3 Is There Honey Still for Tea?



This episode's mini-drama serves as a neat mission statement for the show, when the tussle over Godrey’s home becomes a metaphor for the struggle against Germany. “This cottage stands for England,” says the loyal, smiley private, as his comrades dither over telling him his house will have to be demolished to make way for a new aerodrome.

Mainwaring and Wilson visit the picture-postcard property, only to be sidetracked by tea and upside down cake. How nice to see Godfrey’s sister Cissy (Kathleen Saintsbury) as well as the more often mentioned Dolly, there’s plenty of comic business with a paper door and Jones takes Frazer down a peg or two: “How dare you interfere with my offal queue!”


Private Godfrey discovers the War Office is planning to demolish his cottage to make way for a new airstrip. Vintage comedy, starring Arthur Lowe, John Le Mesurier and Arnold Ridley. First shown in 1975.

Cast & Crew

Sgt Wilson John Le Mesurier
Capt Mainwaring Arthur Lowe
Pte Frazer John Laurie
Pte Godfrey Arnold Ridley
Pte Pike Ian Lavender
Chief Warden Hodges Bill Pertwee
Sir Charles McAllister Campbell Singer
The Colonel Robert Raglan
Man with door Gordon Peters
Director David Croft
Producer David Croft
Writer Jimmy Perry
Writer David Croft
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