An Island Parish

Little Miracles

Series 7 - Episode 2 Little Miracles



No foot washing on the tiny Channel Island of Sark this time, although there’s plenty of water sloshing about because the weather is appalling. Despite the rain, the islanders are celebrating the anniversary of the end of Nazi occupation during the Second World War. Phyllis, then a teenager, recalls that the occupying army hardly interfered with daily life, although it did make a massive change to her life – she married a German soldier, despite parental opposition.

Elsewhere, Methodist cleric Karen makes a miraculous recovery after breaking her toe, while Julie trains Ronaldo the horse to pull a carriage before she reveals a hidden talent at one of Sark’s two pubs.


Sark welcomes a group of Chelsea Pensioners as the island celebrates the anniversary of its liberation from German occupation during the Second World War. Phyllis and Werner Rang tell their story, a tale of love that has survived 64 years against all the odds, and horse trainer Julie Jackson hopes her new stallion will adapt to pulling a carriage. Methodist lay preacher Karen Le Mouton's preparations for the arrival of a senior church member are thrown into disarray when she is evacuated to Guernsey Hospital.