Have I Got News for You

Have I Got News for You

Series 44 - Episode 6



Fifty years of James Bond films. Ten years of guest hosts on Have I Got News for You. How better to meld the two celebrations than by booking Roger Moore to take the hot seat?

The suave former Bond is 85 years old, which by our reckoning makes him the oldest host yet, narrowly pipping Bruce Forsyth (a tough act to follow, mind you). Moore is hoping for an easy ride, saying, “I just hope Ian and Paul will treat this old English actor gently. If not, I’ll press the button which releases their chairs into a piranha-filled pool below.”

Rachel “Boris’s younger sister” Johnson also makes her first appearance on the show and Marcus Brigstocke provides comedic back-up.


James Bond legend Roger Moore takes the host's chair for another round of the light-hearted current affairs quiz, raising an eyebrow or two as Ian Hislop, Paul Merton and their guests - comedian-actor Marcus Brigstocke and journalist Rachel Johnson - poke fun at the week's headline happenings.
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