Living with My Stalker

Living with My Stalker


This sounds like one of those be-careful-what-you-wish-for documentaries, the salutary story of trainee doctor Alison Hewitt and her ordeal at the hands of a man who professed to love her.

Dr Hewitt met the handsome and plausible Al Amin Dhalla through an elite dating agency. At first their relationship flourished but Dr Hewitt’s mother, Pam, was uneasy and, after hiring a private detective, discovered Dhalla’s story was a fabric of lies.

Living with My Stalker features interviews with Dr Hewitt, her family and the officers involved in the police investigation into the man, a “narcissistic psychopath” who remorselessly pursued his ex-girlfriend and her family in
a campaign of terror.


Brighton doctor Alison Hewitt joined a dating agency in 2010 and was paired up with seemingly respectable Canadian businessman Al Amin Dhalla. It was only when she finished the relationship that the real Dhalla emerged and he started a campaign of terror against her as he sought revenge for what he saw as the ultimate betrayal. This documentary tells the story through interviews with Alison, her family and police officers, along with footage from surveillance operations and CCTV cameras.