Dragons' Den

Series 10 - Episode 11



A couple of hopefuls put on those excruciating pantomime sales pitches that would-be entrepreneurs think are so attention-grabbing.

They aren’t; they’re just embarrassing. But in an odd way they get you on side; after all, if anyone is willing to humiliate themselves to such an extent on national television, their heart must be in the right place. Like the ex-DJ with the supposedly revolutionary gel-insoles to help ease the dancing feet of high-heeled women. He even brings a little mobile disco to set the right atmosphere.

Then there’s the uncle and nephew with their packaging ideas. They don’t put on a panto, but you will want to rush in to rescue them when they’re paralysed by clearly terrible nerves and things start to go wrong.


Two Berkshire design graduates pitch their gadget for carrying a round of drinks back from the bar and a former DJ from south Wales hopes his role-play disco will be the best way to demonstrate his product to relieve sore feet. Other ideas include a website for retired people, a gizmo to reduce food waste, and a car that is also a barbecue. Evan Davis presents.