New Alliances

Series 2 - Episode 1 New Alliances



Younger viewers might notice that their parents already know the ThunderCats theme tune, although they probably won’t care that a popular 80s animation has been redrawn with a darker tone and anime influences. They’ll just think it looks cool. It does, but it’s complicated, too, with layers of lore, omens and stones of power as well as robotic warfare technology.


Remake of the cartoon from the 1980s, following the adventures of Lion-O and his band of Thunderans. The Cats go on the offensive against Mumm-Ra's lizard army, as their foe gives Slythe the task of recruiting two new vicious generals after mass desertions.

Cast & Crew

Lion-O Will Friedle
Cheetara Emmanuelle Chriqui
WilyKit Madeleine Hall
Snarf Satomi Koorogi
Tygra Matthew Mercer
WilyKat Eamon Pirruccello
Panthro Kevin Michael Richardson
Slythe Dee Bradley Baker
Mumm-Ra Robin Atkin Downes
Executive Producer Sam Register
Producer Michael Jelenic
Producer Ethan Spaulding
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