Time Waits for Norman

Series 2 - Episode 2 Time Waits for Norman



Maddy and Jonathan investigate the intriguing case of a businessman with an acute fear of watches and clocks who appears to have defied the laws of nature. Evidence soon emerges suggesting he has a bizarre ability to make time stand still - but it could be just an elaborate hoax. Offbeat detective drama, starring Alan Davies and Caroline Quentin.

Cast & Crew

Jonathan Creek Alan Davies
Maddy Magellan Caroline Quentin
Barry Opper Geoffrey McGivern
Norman Stangerson Dermot Crowley
Antonia Stangerson Deborah Grant
Rebecca Knape Zoe Hart
Justine Bailey Lorelei King
Bernice Diane Witter
Maxine Suzannah Heath
Brenda Nicky Ladanowski
Lewis French Graham Bryan
Mel Porthropp Edward Halsted
Wino Rob Jarvis
Rupert Steve Nallon
Director Sandy Johnson
Writer David Renwick
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