The Grinning Man

The Grinning Man



Alan Davies stars in a feature-length episode of the offbeat crime drama. Master of illusion Jonathan is called upon to solve several disappearances inside the gloomy attic of a vast Gothic house, but is completely baffled by the mystery, which for 70 years has been attributed to the ghost of a madman said to prey upon human flesh. When two women shelter from a thunderstorm there one night, the ominous presence claims another victim, leaving her friend - Joey Ross - determined to get to the truth of what happened. Jonathan finds himself working alongside Joey, and it seems his formidable powers of deduction are in danger of being eclipsed by her raw intuition. With Sheridan Smith as Joey.

Cast & Crew

Jonathan Creek Alan Davies
Joey Sheridan Smith
Jacques Futrelle Jon Campling
Eli Mencken Patrick Poletti
Adam Klaus Stuart Milligan
Alec Adam James
Mina Naomi Bentley
Glenn Ciaran McMenamin
Nicola Katherine Parkinson
Elodie Jenna Harrison
Lance Gessler Nicholas Boulton
Constance Gessler Judy Parfitt
Candy Mountains Jemma Walker
Delia Gunning Ellen Ashley
Lenny Nick Nevern
Young Constance Charlotte Comer
Child Constance Eloise Rakic-Platt
Housewife Sally Plumb
Maitre d' Graham Vanas
Actor Andrew Havill
Director David Renwick
Executive Producer Peter Thornton
Producer Nerys Evans
Writer David Renwick
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