The Scented Room

Series 2 - Episode 3 The Scented Room



Jonathan seizes the opportunity to get his own back on a reviewer who criticised his show by refusing to reveal how his priceless painting was stolen, turning down a £50,000 reward in the process. A disgruntled Maddie must try and persuade him to let bygones be bygones. Drama, starring Alan Davies and Caroline Quentin, with a guest appearance by Bob Monkhouse.

Cast & Crew

Jonathan Creek Alan Davies
Maddy Magellan Caroline Quentin
Adam Klaus Stuart Milligan
Sylvester Le Fley Bob Monkhouse
Lady Theresa Cutler Christine Kavanagh
Benjamin Sam Bradley
Barry Opper Geoffrey McGivern
Roy Gregson John Hudson
Judy Jocelyn Hughes
Melissa Sophie Langham
Dr Irene Wolverton Caroline Harris
Second therapist Jemma Churchill
Scooter lady Evie Garratt
Eric Peter Copley
Martha Valerie Colgan
Masseuse Lucy Allen
Director Sandy Johnson
Writer David Renwick
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