The Coonskin Cap

Series 4 - Episode 1 The Coonskin Cap



The unconventional hero investigates the puzzling murder of a policewoman, with the only clue to her bizarre death being reports of a stranger in a coonskin hat at the scene of the crime. Hired by a ruthless TV producer to locate the culprit, he discovers the mysterious man is not all he seems - but is soon distracted by the intervention of old acquaintance Carla Borrego. Offbeat detective drama, starring Alan Davies, Julia Sawalha and Adrian Edmondson.

Cast & Crew

Jonathan Creek Alan Davies
Carla Borrego Julia Sawalha
Brendan Baxter Adrian Edmondson
Adam Klaus Stuart Milligan
Insp Ted Parnevik Terence Hillyer
Sgt Heather Davey Anna Wilson-Jones
Moira Jane Rowe Veronica Leer
Gary Basco Andrew Clover
Reporter Toby Walton
Nurse Stephanie Carey
Velda Tina Martin
WPC Yasmin Wilde
Coral Anna Francolini
Janet Blaydon Joan Oliver
Cleaner Gareth Farr
Director Christine Gernon
Executive Producer David Renwick
Producer Verity Lambert
Writer David Renwick
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