He Kills Coppers

He Kills Coppers

Series 1 - Episode 3



Nearly 20 years after the killings, Frank has managed to attain the rank of DCI, but finds that promotion is no guarantee of fulfilment. Spurred into renewed action by the disappearance of journalist Tony Meehan, he finally manages to locate Billy - who senses the game is almost over and arms himself in readiness, determined to end it on his own terms.

Cast & Crew

Frank Taylor Rafe Spall
Conference facilitator Lucy Russell
Jonny Taylor Tom Payne
Jeannie Kelly Reilly
Shawn Neil Maskell
Geoff Justin Salinger
Tony Meehan Steven Robertson
Billy Porter Mel Raido
Janis Kate Dickie
Lily Porter Maureen Lipman
Peter Bryan Dick
Mod PC Scott Mean
Custody sergeant Peter Silverleaf
Mark Benjamin Kidd
Vicar Graham Seed
Muttley Jake Curran
Andy Robin Pearce
Detective Frankie Fitzgerald
Police constable Adam Ewan
Big PC Tim Perrin
Director Adrian Shergold
Executive Producer Douglas Rae
Executive Producer Robert Bernstein
Producer David Boulter
Writer Ed Whitmore
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