John Barrowman's Dallas

John Barrowman's Dallas: Shooting JR

Series 1 - Episode 2 John Barrowman's Dallas: Shooting JR



This is just a massive plug for the relaunch of feuding-and-philandering 80s soap Dallas. Yet it’s hard not to have a grin as big as fan John Barrowman’s as, over the course of two programmes (Dreaming of Bobby; Shooting JR) he meets the cast and visits the Southfork set.

Oldies Patrick Duffy, Larry Hagman and Linda Gray share a wicked sense of humour. Asked whether a moving scene with Duffy affected him, Hagman replies drily, “Oh, I always sleep through his scenes.”

The new cast members – many from Desperate Housewives – are gorgeous, but more serious. Shallow and cheesy, yet as much fun as a night out drinking with Sue Ellen.


The host concludes his preview of the new-look drama by exploring JR's side of the family, and discovers whether the oil baron's son John Ross Ewing (played by Josh Henderson) lives up to his dastardly dad's reputation. He also gets to live out a personal dream as Linda Gray, who plays Sue Ellen Ewing, takes him to the costume department to try on some of JR's clothes - before Larry Hagman gives him a guided tour of his Malibu home.
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