Person of Interest

Mission Creep

Series 1 - Episode 3 Mission Creep



The storyline here gets a little bogged down in hokey stuff about Iraq veterans and the noble brotherhood of US soldiery, all of which may strike a UK audience as a bit ripe, but it’s still a gripping tale. The latest number spat out by the all-knowing Machine belongs to a former soldier who works as a doorman, as well as moonlighting with a little light bank-robbing, it turns out. “Not every ex-soldier meets a reclusive billionaire,” Reese points
out to Finch, the reclusive billionaire who saved Reese himself from post-special-forces drop-out.

Along the way there’s a crude but satisfying spat with a banker in a bar and a couple more flashbacks to Reese’s star-crossed past with that stunning girlfriend.


The Machine picks out Finch and Reese's next target as Joey Durban, a former soldier who appears to be settling back into civilian life, but has a secret sideline helping his former colleagues carry out bank heists. However, the thieves have no link to violent crimes, making it unclear whether Joey needs to be protected or brought to justice - so Reese goes undercover to infiltrate the gang.

Cast & Crew

John Reese Jim Caviezel
Det Joss Carter Taraji P Henson
Det Lionel Fusco Kevin Chapman
Harold Finch Michael Emerson
Jessica Arndt Susan Misner
Joey Durban James Carpinello
Straub Keith Nobbs
Det Molina Vincent Laresca
Pia Moresco Lili Mirojnick
Sam Latimer Ruben Santiago-Hudson
Willis Rey Lucas
Teddy Akintola Jiboyewa
Director Steven DePaul
Writer Patrick Harbinson
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