Series 1 - Episode 1



This is a queer beast. Nighty Night creator Julia Davis scripts the tale of a woman (Alexandra Roach) who, in 1851, washes up with amnesia at Hunderby, a village on the coast of nowhere. She marries a widower parson (Alex Macqueen), thus incurring the wrath of his demonic housekeeper (Davis), who still prefers the first, dead wife. A possible romance with the village's manly GP (Rufus Jones) is the newcomer's hope of escape – but her real identity will come out before long.

Like all Sky productions there's heavy investment in an impeccable cast and setting, and Hunderby has a confidence that makes it hard to dislike. I'm not sure what it is, though: Davis's reputation is for visiting dark and icky places nobody else will brave, but this is mainly fairly basic innuendo and goofing, with long gaps between gags as the linear story chugs on. 


Shipwreck survivor Helene is washed ashore near a small English village, where she meets and falls in love with widowed pastor Edmund. They soon marry - but he is unaware she is hiding dark secrets from her past. Meanwhile, Edmund's sinister housekeeper Dorothy seems determined to drive the newlyweds apart. Macabre comedy set in the 19th century, created by and starring Julia Davis, with Alexandra Roach and Alex MacQueen.