The X Factor

Series 9 - Episode 2



Week two of the auditions and the X Factor juggernaut rolls into Manchester, where guest judge Mel B decides to spice things up with some harsh one-liners about the singing ability of one of the older contestants. While her brutally honest remarks don’t always go down well with the audience, and aren’t what wannabe pop stars really, really wanna hear, fellow judge Gary Barlow has been reported as saying he loved her feisty attitude.

But then, he’s also apparently said that he was shocked last year at how quickly people become lazy and cocky once they got into the competition, and as a result had decided there’d be no more Mr Nice Guy from him, either.

Still, if Mel B’s not scary enough for you, take a look at Louis Walsh’s new bouffant hairstyle.


Gary Barlow, Nicole Scherzinger, Tulisa and Louis Walsh are in Newcastle, while guest judge Mel B is with the panel in Manchester and Rita Ora, currently topping the singles chart, joins them in London. Expect the usual mix of enthusiasts with limited talent, those who are gifted but lack confidence, the completely tone-deaf whose every note is a trial - and the surprise packages who make it all worthwhile. Dermot O'Leary shares the audience's pleasure - and pain - and provides a suitably caustic commentary on the contestants' efforts.
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