Horizon: How Big Is the Universe?

Horizon: How Big Is the Universe?

Series 49



As writer Bill Bryson once pointed out, the thing about space is that it’s very well named. There really is a lot of space in it.

It’s also unfathomably large, as this Horizon tries to explain. Infinitely large in fact, yet (if you can get your head around the idea) still expanding, because space itself is getting bigger. Here, we meet some of the mega-brained cosmologists and astrophysicists who trade in such ideas and are effectively trying to map the entire universe.

I particularly liked the man who has set about photographing our local patch, the Milky Way. The full-colour image he has created, portraying an area 100,000 light years across, is quite something.


Cosmologists discuss their project to create a map of everything in existence, and reveal that their research has yielded some highly unexpected results, creating a picture stranger than anything they had imagined. Scientists also explain why the map suggests the universe may not be an all-encompassing entity - but merely the starting point for something much bigger.

Cast & Crew

Director Kenny Scott
Producer Kenny Scott
Series Editor Aidan Laverty
Documentary Science