Sex Education

Series 1 - Episode 2 Sex Education



No school comedy would be complete without an excruciating sex education class and Jack Whitehall doesn’t disappoint. As hapless history teacher Mr Wickers he wriggles and squirms and clearly yearns to crawl under a desk away from the pitying gaze of his worldly-wise pupils. The only person more immature is the head (Mathew Horne in a hilariously hideous wig) who befuddles his staff and enrages parents with his senseless slang. There hasn’t been a sitcom this masterfully puerile since The Inbetweeners.


The parents of pupils at Abbey Grove School are worried about the impending arrival of French exchange students after they ran riot the previous year, leaving a host of love-struck teenagers in their wake. Fraser is determined to prove he has everything under control, but he may come to regret entrusting Alfie with a sex-education class. Comedy, starring Jack Whitehall and Mathew Horne.

Cast & Crew

Alfie Jack Whitehall
Fraser Mathew Horne
Miss Pickwell Michelle Gomez
Miss Gulliver Sarah Solemani
Joe Ethan Lawrence
Mitchell Charlie Wernham
Stephen Layton Williams
Chantelle Nikki Runeckles
Rem Dogg Jack Binstead
Jing Kae Alexander
Miss Mollinson Leila Hoffman
Grayson Jack Bence
Mr Smith Jason Barnett
Mrs Lythgoe Susy Kane
Dirk Gilles Geary
Parent Hilary Whitehall
Librarian Liz Sutherland
Glitorish pupil Jake Davies
Sexy dancer Kelechi Nwanokwi
Sexy dancer Chantelle Prince
Director Ben Gosling Fuller
Producer Ben Cavey
Producer Pippa Brown
Writer Jack Whitehall
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