Ruth Rendell's Thirteen Steps Down

Ruth Rendell's Thirteen Steps Down

Series 1 - Episode 2



Creepy fantasist Mix Cellini (Luke Treadaway) continues to construct an elaborate, twisted “romance” with dim model Nerissa Nash as this not entirely successful adaptation of Ruth Rendell’s psychological thriller continues.

Mix slowly loses what is left of his grip on reality while Nerissa has problems of her own, swapping the attentions of one narcissist for another when she throws herself at a self- obsessed jerk she’s known since she was a child. The ending is little more than a tottering pile of shocks, and you might be tempted to giggle when the identity of the “ghost” of mass murderer John Reginald Christie, Mix’s idol, is revealed.


Conclusion of the psychological thriller based on the novel. When Mix finally comes face to face with supermodel Nerissa, reality begins to merge with fantasy, and when Gwendolen returns from hospital he compounds one heinous act with another in a misguided attempt to protect the woman he loves. As his obsessions collide, Mix begins a rapid descent into insanity. Luke Treadaway, Geraldine James, Gemma Jones and Elarica Gallacher star.

Cast & Crew

Mix Cellini Luke Treadaway
Gwendolen Chawcer Geraldine James
Nerissa Nash Elarica Gallacher
Olive Gemma Jones
Queenie Anna Calder-Marshall
Danila Kovic Victoria Bewick
Darel Jones Sam O'Mahoney
Madame Odette Maryam d'Abo
Kayleigh Laura Pyper
Javy Peter Gaynor
Mrs Cellini Tara Breathnach
Young Mix James O'Donoghue
Tom Akwaa Brian Bovell
Hazel Akwaa Carrie Crowley
John Reginald Christie/Salah Baseyev Mark Lambert
Dr Stephen Reeves Rio Fanning
Police sergeant Len Collin
Policeman Diarmaid Murtagh
Adapted By Adrian Hodges
Director Marek Losey
Executive Producer Alan Moloney
Executive Producer Mary Callery
Executive Producer Adrian Hodges
Producer Neil Zeiger
Writer Ruth Rendell
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