Discovering Herge

Discovering Herge


The problem with any documentary about Tintin creator Georges Remi is how to reconcile the mastery of his art and storytelling with the controversy of his dubious political allegiances. This workmanlike film attempts to solve the problem by placing Hergé’s work in a historical context: the blunt racism of the interwar years; the escapist adventures of the war years; the more sophisticated postwar tales.

It doesn’t entirely work. While the profile of Hergé is fully rounded,
there is not enough criticism from the varied bunch of fanboys (and they are all men - obviously women aren’t big Tintin fans) offered as talking heads. Best to watch as a reminder of the brilliance of the books.


The story of Tintin creator Georges Remi, better known by his pen name of Herge. The programme reveals how his best-known character began life as the star of satirical cartoons before political intervention saw the writer pen the swashbuckling adventures the boy reporter is known for today. The programme also looks at allegations of racism made against one of Remi's books, which saw Tintin and his friends visit the Congo.