Match of the Day

Match of the Day




We’ve got so used to Gary Lineker the Olympic generalist, able to switch from handball to high jump in a flash, that seeing him back with a brace of Alans (Shearer and Hansen) to banter about the Premier League will feel like a come-down. In fact, the return of the football season as a whole feels different after a summer immersed in sports usually shunted to the margins.

It probably won’t take long to win us back, though, and today it’s the job of Spurs, at home to Newcastle, to reel us in. Tomorrow in Match of the Day 2, Colin Murray and Mark Lawrenson review the Sunday games.


Gary Lineker presents highlights of yesterday's Premier League clashes on the opening day of the campaign, including Arsenal v Sunderland and Newcastle United v Tottenham Hotspur.