Nature's Microworlds


Series 1 - Episode 6 Svalbard



The final episode of this revelatory series takes us to Svalbard, a peninsula inside the Arctic Circle that’s home to more polar bears than people, a stumpy-legged sub-species of reindeer and more than a few seabirds. Most of the year it’s icebound, except for a brief eight-week window of summer when life explodes. But why would any species choose to spend time in such unforgiving surroundings?

What we have here is a mini-episode of Frozen Planet, as Steve Backshall explores the chains that link all the region’s creatures, from the smallest phytoplankton to the mighty walrus and polar bear. As ever, jaw-dropping, eye-covering scenes abound.


Steve Backshall concludes his look at the planet's most fascinating ecosystems with a look at the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard. He reveals that it is home to an array of wildlife including the world's largest land predator, and uncovers a surprising secret about the remote region.