Episode 4480



Although that impassive face can make it hard to tell exactly what (if anything) is going on in the damaged mind of Ben Mitchell, the lad’s patently had a traumatic week. Keeping what’s been the worst kept secret in Walford has taken its toll on Ben and he’s been anxiously hovering about Ian in case his big brother lets it slip that it was Ben who killed Heather. However, as we saw in yesterday’s episode, it’s not Ian that Ben should be worrying about.

Elsewhere Ian is distressed to see how much Lucy and Bobby have struggled to survive while he was away and Sharon is creating waves - and I’m not referring to her luxuriant blonde tresses. Tanya’s taken an instant dislike to her so it’s time for Sharon to find somewhere else to stay. Oh look, there’s Jack’s bed...


Phil struggles to keep the Mitchells from falling apart - and thinks his luck is in when a past family crime works in his favour. Tanya is not impressed to arrive home to find a mystery blonde wearing her clothes. But while she and Sharon get off on the wrong foot, Jack is more taken with the newcomer - will she succumb to his charms?

Cast & Crew

Phil Mitchell Steve McFadden
Tanya Cross Jo Joyner
Sharon Rickman Letitia Dean
Jack Branning Scott Maslen
Director Karl Neilson
Executive Producer Lorraine Newman
Writer Jesse O'Mahoney
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