The Flowerpot Gang

The Flowerpot Gang

Series 1 - Episode 1



Labouring under a strangely childish title that makes stars Anneka Rice, Phil Tufnell and Joe Swift sound like a cross between Bill and Ben and the cast of Why Don’t You?, this is life-changing gardening.

That’s the idea, anyway, with the odd trio revamping neglected land across the country to give it a new, socially valuable lease of life. Tuffers is there to do the grunt work, Rice to get the communities involved (the legacy of Challenge Anneka means that few could refuse) and Swift to do the all-important horticultural bit.
They start in Sheffield, where the Woodland View nursing home has a large garden rendered all but useless to its residents because of dangerous, slippery paths. This should enable them to tiptoe through the tulips once more.


Broadcasters Anneka Rice and Phil Tufnell are joined by TV presenter Joe Swift as they travel the country transforming neglected gardens. Their first stop is Woodland View, a nursing home for people with dementia on the edges of Sheffield, where the residents have a large green area but cannot enjoy it because the paths are too dangerous. As Joe and his team get to work on the plot, Anneka goes in search of locals to help and novice gardener Phil picks up his first few green-fingered tips, while also befriending the residents and relatives who visit the home.