Person of Interest


Series 1 - Episode 1 Pilot



How much heat does one series need? This hi-tech thriller comes from acclaimed creatives JJ Abrams (Lost) and Jonathan Nolan (Memento). It was CBS’s highest-testing drama pilot in 15 years. The show did so well they moved CSI (they moved CSI!) from a slot it had held for ten years to make way. And C5 have beaten allcomers to snaffle another hot import.

After all that, it’s a relief the show is a moody treat: a down-and-out former CIA agent (Jim Caviezel, very cool) is recruited by a billionaire to stop crimes before they happen.

There are surveillance-paranoia touches and 9/11 references, but underneath it’s a steely crime drama with performances that could run and run.


In the aftermath of September 11, the US government hires genius software developer Harold Finch to build a computer system that spies on the public, studying patterns of behaviour to predict the next terrorist attack. However, billionaire Finch discovers his machine is so advanced it can also predict lesser crimes, involving ordinary people on the streets of New York, and races to prevent these from happening, helped by a former CIA agent who has been officially declared dead. Drama, starring Michael Emerson and Jim Caviezel.

Cast & Crew

John Reese Jim Caviezel
Harold Finch Michael Emerson
Joss Carter Taraji P Henson
Lionel Fusco Kevin Chapman
Diane Hanson Natalie Zea
Jessica Arndt Susan Misner
Lawrence Pope Chris Chalk
Wheeler Brian d'Arcy James
Anton O'Mara Michael Drayer
Anton's father William Sadler
Director David Semel
Executive Producer David Semel
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