Inside the State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg

Series 2 - Episode 1 Inside the State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg



What begins as a rather lacklustre episode of the series, about the State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg, picks up considerably in its second half. So if you can get past some tedious essays on Scythian tattooing practices (and blood-drenched animation, of course), Peter the Great’s abnormal foetuses in jars and Catherine the Great’s odd dinner tables, you’ll be rewarded by some great stories. They include who really killed Rasputin (including a top clip of Christopher Lee hamming it up) and how staff protected the museum during the Siege of Leningrad, where no animation can capture the true horror of events.


A behind-the-scenes look at St Petersburg's State Hermitage Museum, which was founded by Catherine the Great and contains three million items.