CSI: Crime Scene Investigation


Series 12 - Episode 22 Homecoming



Ted Danson’s on-screen wife makes an appearance and who should it be but Peri Gilpin — fabulous Roz from Frasier. What a brilliant piece of casting. The season finale is a family affair with glimpses of DB’s home life, someone’s father being shot and the relatives of one key character being kidnapped.

But before we get to that cliffhanger (which will have you clinging on to your sofa), a triple homicide takes place just a block away from where the mayor is congratulating herself on reducing the crime rate. There are nods to the past, too: DB warns Finn not to “repeat history” and jailed crime boss McKeen is back.


A dinner for the sheriff's re-election campaign is interrupted when a drug dealer, his bodyguard and the wife of the sheriff's friend are all found dead. Suspicion immediately falls on the husband of the latter victim, until a secret medical condition rules him out, but it is clear someone is trying to set him up - and a revelation about the dead woman backs up that theory. However, emotions run high following the forensic examination of the gun, which leads to a villain well known to the CSI team. Last in the series.

Cast & Crew

DB Russell Ted Danson
Julie Finlay Elisabeth Shue
Nick Stokes George Eads
Sara Sidle Jorja Fox
Greg Sanders Eric Szmanda
Dr Al Robbins Robert David Hall
David Hodges Wallace Langham
David Phillips David Berman
Morgan Brody Elisabeth Harnois
Capt Jim Brass Paul Guilfoyle
Olivia Hodges Jaclyn Smith
Jack Gilmore Craig Sheffer
Dominic Bruno Mike Starr
Maya Brooke Nevin
Det Paul Kimball Peter Onorati
Det Michael Crenshaw Billy Magnussen
Jeffrey McKeen Conor O'Farrell
Conrad Ecklie Marc Vann
Sheriff Sherry Liston Barbara Eve Harris
Barbara Russell Peri Gilpin
Det Carlos Moreno Enrique Murciano
David Winnock Jeremy Glazer
Kaitlyn Mia Hays
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