Wire in the Blood

Anything You Can Do

Series 5 - Episode 4 Anything You Can Do



The suffocation of an elderly woman proves the prelude to a string of similar killings - and makes Tony wonder whether respected psychologist Jonathan Goode, one of his personal heroes, could be involved. As events unfold, it begins to seem increasingly likely that his idol not only has feet of clay, but may also be dangerously unbalanced.

Cast & Crew

Dr Tony Hill Robson Green
DI Alex Fielding Simone Lahbib
DS Kevin Geoffries Mark Letheren
DC Paula McIntyre Emma Handy
Jonathan Goode Michael Maloney
Frank Donovan Ken Bradshaw
Bernard Kelly Ian Peck
Elizabeth Kelly Mary Cunningham
Bella Yana Yanezic
DI Jimmy Lockhart Philip Brodie
Tim Eccles Jethro Skinner
Emma Johannsen Sophie Russell
Old lady Muriel Barker
Jaz Johannsen Simone Robertson
Julie Hopton Delia Hulme
Director Peter Hoar
Producer Philip Leach
Writer Niall Leonard
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