Wonderland: Young, Bright and on the Right

Wonderland: Young, Bright and on the Right



Joe Cooke (Oxford University) and Chris Monk (Cambridge) come across as pompous, middle-aged men with posh accents rather than 20-year-old university students. But they know that Oxbridge is a conveyor belt for future political leaders and they both have their eyes on the prize. Much of this film has a tang of Twenty Twelve absurdity about it, but once the layers of faux-sophistication and political cant are peeled back, there are poignant moments that may touch even the most ardent Tory-basher.


Joe Cooke and Chris Monk dream of carving out careers in the Conservative Party, and hope to take the first step toward achieving their political aims by making an impression at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. However, both come from state-school backgrounds and feel like outsiders among their more privileged fellow students. Joe has become president of his party's association at Oxford, but faces an uphill battle to implement the changes he feels it needs to undergo, while Chris struggles to make a name for himself in Cambridge's renowned debating society.