Iron Maiden: Behind the Beast

Iron Maiden: Behind the Beast


“It’s really early o’clock in the morning,” says one of the tight-knit (or should that be leather-bound) road crew working for Iron Maiden on their 2011 tour. They are in Monterrey, Mexico, taking down the monstrous-sized rig. Speaking of monsters, the band’s mascot, Eddie, still has a mighty presence: Ed Force One is the name given to the Boeing 757 that flies the band around the world.

This Is Spinal Tap with their own plane. I kid you not, someone says, “We actually got there before we left – work that one out,” about crossing two date lines on the same flight.


Cameras follow the rock band as, travelling in a customised Boeing 757 flown by lead singer Bruce Dickinson, they criss-cross the globe on their Final Frontier world tour in 2010 and 2011. With the shows clocking up more than 60,000 air miles, the film sheds light on the crew that makes Iron Maiden's stadium gigs possible and includes anecdotes from the musicians and their fans.