Networks of Power with Sir Christopher Meyer


Series 1 - Episode 4 Rome



The former ambassador hobnobs with the high and mighty in Rome. He sidesteps Italy’s struggling government and goes underground because everyone he encounters, from taxi drivers to a blue-blooded princess, tells him that’s where the real power is. The shadowy byways lead him to an ancient brotherhood that still issues its own passports, stamps and currency. No, not the Mafia or the Vatican, although Meyer knocks on their doors too: the Knights of Malta. This order could be straight out of The Da Vinci Code except that in this case - as the sovereign leader politely points out - truth is stranger than fiction.


The former diplomat investigates the balance of power in Rome and discovers how the city has been affected by the end of Silvio Berlusconi's government. He also explores the influence of organised crime in the Italian capital and speaks to journalist Myrta Merlino, fashion designer and politician Santo Versace and Pietro Grasso, the head of the city's anti-Mafia crime unit.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Christopher Meyer