Narco Bling

Narco Bling


Described as “opulence on steroids” by one commentator, this documentary looks at the dizzying excess fuelled by Mexico’s drugs cartels. From jewel-encrusted guns to luxury mansions, via Versace couches and exotic animals, these are the trappings of an industry that’s worth more than $40 billion a year. But the bling is just the entry point for a sprawling documentary that lifts the lid on Mexico’s war on drugs.

There’s a fractured approach at times, and it probably bites off more than it can ever hope to chew in 60 minutes, but it’s still an absorbing programme, even if some perplexing animated sequences clash wildly with the more graphic images elsewhere.


Documentary revealing the extravagant lives of some of Mexico's drug barons, including that of infamous criminal Joaquin `el Chapo' Guzman.