World's Maddest Job Interview

World's Maddest Job Interview

Series 1 - Episode 1



Remember Claude Littner, the human steak hammer Alan Sugar uses to tenderise his apprentices in the interview round? He’s back in this centrepiece of the 4 Goes Mad season, putting volunteers with mental health conditions through a battery of tasks and job appraisals to uncover their strengths and weaknesses.

If I was feeling vulnerable or volatile, I’d steer clear of Littner, but the idea here is to undermine stereotypes about mental health and the workplace, so not all the volunteers will have conditions: a team of medical experts will try to identify those who have a background of psychiatric issues – and those who don’t.


Eight volunteers, some of whom have significant psychological disorders, face a series of tests to assess their abilities in fields including leadership and teamwork. Business experts Claude Littner, Elaine Holt and Austin Gayer monitor their performance to determine how employable they are, but are not aware of their personal histories - and must therefore judge them solely on their results.