Networks of Power with Sir Christopher Meyer

New York City

Series 1 - Episode 3 New York City



“Having power in New York is like having beauty in Hollywood,” the city’s top estate agent confides to Sir Christopher Meyer. “Wait 24 hours and someone new comes along.” It’s a telling insight, but for large parts of his trip our suave, power-seeking presenter seems to be nibbling around the edges of the Big Apple – talking to taxi drivers, a maître d, a preacher.

But before the end he has reached the core: three-term city mayor Michael Bloomberg (the font of all power in the city) and conglomerate billionaire James S Tisch, a man who looks and sounds like Woody Allen’s big brother.


The former British ambassador to the USA presents a guide to the forces that drive New York City, and examines the importance of money, faith and fashion in the Big Apple. He also meets several of the city's luminaries, including broadcaster Barbara Walters, mayor Michael Bloomberg, hedge fund manager Richard Hurowitz and Bruce Upbin, managing editor of business journal Forbes Magazine.

Cast & Crew

Presenter Christopher Meyer
Contributor Barbara Walters
Contributor Michael Bloomberg