Ruby Wax's Mad Confessions

Ruby Wax's Mad Confessions


Ruby Wax is very open about her own experiences of clinical depression – the subject was the basis of her recent one-woman stage show – but she is very aware that there is still a stigma surrounding mental illness. “Why is it that every other organ can get sick and you get sympathy, except the brain?” she asks. In this documentary she candidly shares her own vulnerabilities, while her family give frank accounts of facing the challenge with her.

She also encourages three businesspeople, including chef Johnnie Mountain, who recently stormed off The Great British Menu, to talk honestly about their mental health issues to their colleagues.


Building on the success of her stage show exploring her lifelong battle with depression, Ruby Wax presents a documentary trying to break down the stigma surrounding mental-health problems. She follows three business people as they disclose their conditions to their employers, and takes her campaign to the House of Commons to meet MPs who recently spoke about their personal troubles during a parliamentary debate.